Malcolm Reynolds - My Big Damn Hero // A Compilation

I tried to pick some rather un-common songs, and some artists not everyone will know. The songs reflect the Malcolm Reynolds I have in my head, you might see him differently and that's fine, because my mind is twisted. ;) Also, please don't take me too seriously. ;)
And, btw. if you don't know Cpt. Mal, the songs are cool anyway, so take a look under the cut if you'd like to get to know some great artists. =)
"Half of writing history is hiding the truth."
Captain Macolm Reynolds -- My Big Damn Hero

A Compilation

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Every entry will include a song which I can't get out of my head at that time, with lyrics, and a download.
And maybe a comment why it means so much to me.

My music taste is very varied.
You can expect anything;
Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Rascall Flatts, Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, Citizen Cope, U2, Daughtry,
The Filthy Youth, Rooney, The Kooks, Death Cab for Cutie...
And also some new talented artists you might have never heard of before.
The only thing you shouldn't expect is Hip Hop.