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sounds of a solitary raven
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music of a solitary raven

by phlourish_icons

Welcome To My World Of Music

♫ Music enspires ♫ Music's relaxing ♫ Music makes you remember ♫ Music can help you forget ♫ Music makes the world go round ♫ Music makes the world stand still ♫ Music heals heartaches ♫ Music makes your heart ache ♫ Music speaks from the soul ♫ Music speaks to the soul ♫ Music means something ♫ Music is just for fun ♫ Music helps you through the day ♫ Music worsens a day ♫ Music keeps you alive ♫

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3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, ac/dc, alejandro fuentes, askil holm, band from tv, bethany joy lenz, bloodhound gang, blues, blues brothers, bruce springsteen, carrie underwood, cascada, classic rock, country, david gray, david ryan harris, dear juliet, death cab for cutie, depeche mode, diecast, doris, drew ryan scott, elvis presley, empty trash, erik scott smith, espen lind, finley quaye, fleetwood mac, foo fighters, funk, gary jules, gavin degraw, goo goo dolls, goot, guns n' roses, indie, iron maiden, jack's mannequin, jason mraz, jimmie eat world, joe cocker, john legend, johnny cash, jose gonzales, justin timberlake, kansas, kate voegele, keith urban, kiss, korn, kurt nilsen, latch key kid, lifehouse, linkin park, lynyrd skynyrd, m-flo, mae, maroon 5, mat kearney, metallica, michael bublé, mika, mike doughtry, ministry of magic, misfits, music, natasha bedingfield, nevio, nirvana, oasis, ok go, oliver boyd atr, oliver james, one republic, otis redding, panic! at the disco, papa roach, passion, pearl jam, placebo, plain white t's, pop, queen, rapsoul, rascal flatts, ray charles, red hot chilli peppers, relient k, rock, rock n' roll, roger cicero, rooney, ryan adams, santana, savage garden, seal, semisonic, shadows fall, sherwood, sick puppies, simply red, snow patrol, sonata arctica, soul, sum 41, sunrise avenue, swing, taylor swift, the click five, the cure, the doors, the filthy youth, the fray, the killers, the kooks, the mitch hansen band, the moaning myrtles, the perishers, the praying mantids, the ramones, the red jumpsuit apparatus, the remus lupins, the rolling stones, the used, the ventures, the verve, the verve pipe, the who, tom petty, tommy reeve, tyler hilton, u2, vega 4, willie nelson, wilson pickett, yellowcard